continuing from where Dan left off (read Part 1)…..the girl’s side : )

When Dan said, “pack your bags.”  I thought he meant we were taking a day trip to NY to have dinner with my family!  But he told me to pack up everything because he had changed my return flight from Boston to New York.  so smart : )  that way we wouldn’t waste time driving back and forth or that’s what he told me.

We all got home from church, packed up and left around 1:30-2pm.  I guess Dan was expecting to leave earlier?  He seemed a bit worried about time.  eh, but I dismissed it : )  I told him it would be okay if were a little late.  We were stuck in traffic in Connecticut for a bit and Dan kept getting calls from my dad asking where we were.  My dads “talking” can come off as yelling sometimes : )

I just told Dan not to worry and that everything would be okay.  If anything, we’d arrive late, my dad would open the door, give us both noogies, bust out in a hearty laugh, and then everything would be peachy keen.  It’s about 6:15pm and we finally arrive in my neighborhood.  Dan reaches into his bag and pulls out the last card.  “close your eyes, no peeking.”  Hojin was trying to make u-turns to throw me off, but I am too smart for that game.  The car stopped, Dan got out of his side of the car and ran to open my door.  I got out, with my hands over my eyes of course and he led me to the front steps of my house.  The entire time I was expecting a nice quiet BBQ with my family, close aunts, uncles, and grandmama.  I was about to experience something I will never forget…

Dan opens the front door for me, I take my hands off my eyes and I’m greeted by a house PACKED with my family, Dan’s family, church friends, and school friends yelling and screaming. Andy, Dan’s youngest cousin, runs front and center to greet us.  so cute.  At this point…I just can’t explain it.  It was so so so amazing to see the people you know and love all gathered in one room together celebrating your engagement with you.  I was so…..thankful :*)

We greeted our parents with hugs and kisses and then went to greet our grandparents…the people who raised us when we were babies and who faithfully pray for us everyday.  Let the party of the century of the begin!  We started with a toast thanking our parents and families for coming and then we all spent the rest of the night getting to know one another over some yummy korean food and good company : )

For those that are wondering how Dan’s family got to NY:  they packed up a church van and minivan after work on Saturday and drove through the night to arrive in NY by Sunday afternoon.  After the engagement party on Sunday, my dad led them on a 2 hour excursion through NYC where after, they left for Niagara Falls to do some site seeing and then headed back to Chicago Monday night.  His family loves him : )

Just looking back on it, I still can’t believe what happened.  My dad went to great lengths to setup everything.  He even knocked down the walls of a room in our basement to make more space for tables and chairs.  When he’s determined…he’s determined. My mom and sister bargained with the right folks to get deeelicious korean food.  My brother wasn’t even there when we arrived because he was buying ice and running errands : (  Church friends brought wonderful chocolate covered strawberries anddesserts.  My hot uofi friends helped with decorations.  Dan’s aunts, my cousins, and friends all helping to serve the food and drinks.  Dan’s dad and uncles were the paparazzi.  And last but certainly not least, my fiance who planned this for months, talking to my sister, and emailing back and forth with friends.  Apparently, everyone and their moms knew about the engagement. For me, it was a perfect picture of the body of Christ.

The night ended with a surprise visit from David and Hanna and a midnight snack at Neptune Diner with hilarious friends and some strawberry drink 😀

and it doesn’t stop there folks…. (read Part 3 on Dan’s Blog)


My first blog.  Back in January, I made a commitment to “journal” more.  It’s never too late! : )